crestview-skilled-nursingSkilled nursing is provided by registered and licensed nurses if a resident is discharged from an acute care hospital and still needs additional sub-acute care prior to going home independently. Skilled nursing helps sick, injured or disabled people get back on their feet. We offer around-the-clock nursing care and assist with many levels of acuity. Skilled nursing services are usually considered temporary due to an injury or illness. Post-operative wound healing, decubitus ulcers, IV medications, micro-management of diseases and patient education are just a few areas that our skilled nurses can provide.

crestview-skilled-nursingWe provide a multidisciplinary team which includes a certified orthopedic nurse, certified wound care nurses, and certified dementia practitioners on board with our skilled nursing staff. Along with a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other disciplines. Together, we will meet the holistic needs of our residents to achieve a positive and prompt return home.

Do you or your loved one need Skilled Nursing?