Occupational therapy helps people who, through injury or illness, have lost some of their ability to perform important life functions like eating, bathing, and dressing, as well as, ordinary activities like cooking, laundry, or other tasks. We make a complete evaluation of the impact the resident's surgery or illness has had on their activities both at home and work, as well as, considering a resident's hobbies and recreational activities. Then an individualized occupational therapy treatment plan is recommended and assistive equipment is prescribed to improve the quality of the resident's daily living activities.

Occupational therapists help people regain independence and redevelop skills for daily living after an illness or injury. Our occupational therapists prepare customized plans and objectives to address self-care, vocational, and leisure goals. Treatment plans include education, home exercises, stress management, home safety, energy conservation, and work simplification; the combined colaboration specific to the resident promotes the optimal level of independence of daily activities at a safe level of return. Our occupational therapy program specializes in:

Acute and Chronic injuries

  • Neurological deficits and stroke
  • Hand and upper extremity injuries
  • Splinting
  • Pain management
  • Low vision treatment/Visual deficits
  • Work-related injuries
  • Ergonomic corrections
  • Fracture management/restoration
  • Arthritic complications and modifications
  • Task and exertion simplification

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