- Daniel Romine

It was a great experience on my stay. Barbie was exceptional on getting everything set up we needed. Physical therapy was awesome (Eric and Ellen). The nurses were great, aides were outstanding (Cat and Holten). Everyone was friendly and accommodating. Any issues were handled swiftly. Thank you, Kent. Thank you very much, Crestview. If I am in need of a facility, you're my pick!

- James Amato

My stay at Crestview was wonderful. All the staff were great. The food was good. The showers were good and the therapy team was amazing. I would highly recommend Crestview to anyone. My family and I have been very pleased with everything here. We were 100% satisfied.

- Mildred Jackson-Peterson

My stay here at Crestview was great, I have been here before and it is the only place I will come to. The staff are always so nice. The building is clean and the Rehab team is amazing! The food is okay. I would recommend Crestview to anyone needing rehab or long term care. I have made many new friends here,

- John Mills

This was my second time here at Crestview. All the staff are great and treated me very well. If I ever need to go back anywhere, it will be here.

- Elizabeth Zentmyer

The nurses are great. Can't say enough good things about them. The aides were also wonderful, especially Cat. My room and the facility were always clean. The therapy team were great. I would try to push myself too hard, but they would not let me over do it. They got me to the point where I could go home quick. I can't say enough good things about Crestview.

- Doris Stotridge

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. I was well taken care of by staff. The staff was very caring and friendly. I would recommend this facility to others. I was pleased also by their cleanliness here. Should I ever need a facility in the future, I will make sure it is Crestview.

- Richard Reynolds

My time spent at Crestview was very rewarding. The staff took extremely good care of me. Therapy did an outstanding job working with me and the nurses were great. Recommend Crestview to anyone!

- Robert Oda

An outstanding facility with professional staff that treats everyone like family.

- Elva Martens

I don't think I could have been in a better place. The care is astronomical. The staff is full of love. I could not have found a more acceptable place to be.

- Elva Martens

I am thankful for the care

- Carl Martin

I am very thankful for the kindness and care I have received during my visit

- Reva Fulton

It was a good experience. I picked a winner when I chose to go to Crestview!

- Kaye Matz

Very pleased with all the care received while being a patient for therapy.

- Jeanne Secoy

Care was excellent while I was in the facility.

- Norma Eveland

Been a very good place to be for therapy. I received very good care from caregivers. Food is good.

- Margaret Travis

Everyone is very polite in every department. The food is fantastic especially the chicken pot pie!! Over all the facility is amazing and if I ever need therapy again I will definitely come back to Crestview!!

- Archie Robinson

The staff is very thoughtful and super friendly. The therapy is great and hard working!

- Myrl Huston

The staff is very kind. Therapy was enjoyable and helpful! Everyone was very welcoming and caring!

- Jan Wisecarver

Crestview has been a family away from home for me. All of the staff has been amazing and so genuine. If I ever need to, I will only return here. I know a lot of people and would recommend Crestview to any of them!

- John Berger

This facility is a great place to rehab at. The food was great. The staff was very kind and welcoming.

- Hatsue "Katie" Rutter

Everyone was so kind and helpful to me. I will miss everyone, but I will come back and visit!

- Jack Kessler

The therapy department was very caring and compassionate. The staff was very wonderful and showed so much support!

- Thomas Acton

All the staff I come in contact with are fabulous. If I would have to go anywhere again I would definitely come back!

- Nancy Roderick

The staff and therapy were great and very helpful. Thank you to everyone!

- Otto Opperman

The staff was wonderful and caring through my stay. The patients are their upmost concern and I'm thankful they were here for me.

- Linda Bowersock

The staff has been wonderful and very welcoming! The therapy was also very helpful.

- Frederick Destadio

There is no place like home but if I had to be anywh r but home. It would be Crestview

- Kanward Faulk

The facility is very very nice with wonderful people. It's been a pleasure being in the facility. The care was great!

- Patricia Tipple

Everybody has been wonderful. Everyone always is when I come. I love all the staff

- Kent Emmers

Everyone was so kind to me during my stay. The therapy worked well with me and helped a lot!

- Elizabeth Shaw

Crestview is really nice. When I asked for help I get help immediately. The food was good and the therapy was fun!

- Mary Walsh

Crestview is such a nice place. I would definitely return if I needed too. Everyone was wonderful!

- Gerald Azbell

Everything and everybody we're great! Therapy was very helpful and kind! Highly recommended!

- Gerald Azbell

Everything and everybody we're great! Therapy was very helpful and kind! Highly recommended!

- Dick Morgan

Everyone was nice and gave me great care. The food was great. Therapy was very helpful!

- Lovada Fitzpatrick

I absolutely love the staff. Everyone was very sweet. I want to thank everyone for their kindness. The therapist were wonderful as well.

- Christina Willison

The facility is very clean and the staff is very friendly. The therapy was very helpful and kind!

- Ruby Norman

I've met some very nice employees here and the care was great.

- Juanita Hyme

The treatment has been wonderful and everyone has been so friendly. Therapy was enjoyable and extremely wonderful.

- Janet Klinebriel

Everything has been excellent! The care was great and everyone was wonderful!

- Vivian Schroeder

The staff has been very good and personable. The therapy was excellent!

- Miriam Kelly

Everyone has been so nice and have taken great care of me. The facility is always so clean.

- Janet Marker

Crestview is a friendly and welcoming home away from home! My needs were met in a very timely and professional manner. It seemed that every time I turned around they were bringing me more wonderful food. I would recommend Crestview for anyone who has had any surgery and is in need of therapy. The therapy team has a high standard of care giving and takes a personal interest in helping you develop goals and showing you ways to meet those goals! I would highly recommend Crestview because of the friendly and knowledgeable staff!

- Laura Joos

The staff here has been wonderful. Everyone made me feel comfortable and at home! I could not complain about a thing!

- Betty Winkler

This has been a wonderful experience! The employees never fail to stop and say hello. Everyone has been so welcoming.

- Carol Fulks

The staff has been wonderful and made my stay very nice!

- Candica Swartz

My stay was wonderful. Everyone was very kind and welcoming!

- Clifford Sellers

Everyone was so nice and welcoming. My stay was great!

- Lovada Fitzpatrick

Everything was great. If I had to come back anywhere, I would come here!

- Robert Dozier

The staff has been very enjoyable and easy to get along with. I have enjoyed them working with me! I will come back again if I need it.

- Robert McKibben

The staff was excellent!

- Ann Bobanich

The staff and care was wonderful. My stay was great thanks to the wonderful staff.

- Edna Disbennett

The therapy is very good! The staff at Crestview is wonderful and all very friendly. Everyone was very helpful!

- Floyd Caldwell

Crestview is alway clean and welcoming. The staff is magnificent and couldn't get any better!

- Roberta Crawford

Everybody was so good to me and I am so happy I chose to come here!

- Phyllis Cox

The staff was great and I couldn't ask for anyone better. I would come back if I had too!!!

- Ira Kline

The staff was better than wonderful!

- Brenda Swank

I'm very satisfied with my stay.

- Henry Walter

The staff was all very nice and helpful! The therapy team made therapy fun. Overall my stay was very good!

- Patricia Allen

I'd like to thank everyone at Crestview that made my stay enjoyable! I loved the food. The therapy was tremendous!

- William Neely

The staff helped me adjust to being away from home. They were all friendly, positive and encouraging!

- Marci Crown

The staff was wonderful during my stay. The food was good. The therapy was excellent and helped me to return home!

- Mary Romans

The staff is very good. The nurses are really nice, patient and considerate. The therapy is wonderful!

- Mildred Moore

My stay was wonderful! Everyone treated me wonderful!

- Michael Rutherford

The staff are all great! The cook is great. The treatment team has been wonderful! The treatment team is the reason I get to go home!

- Audrey Miller

I had a good stay with very good care. Everybody was very good to me. They are quick to answer my call light. Therapy was wonderful and helpful.

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