A Glance at Our History at Crestview

crestview-about Crestview Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Services is a leader in the field of sub-acute care for the communities of Lancaster, Ohio and Fairfield County. Crestview is entering its 6th decade of family ownership & operation by the Eckert family. Cindy Rutherford, David Eckert & Cathy Kuhnash oversee daily operation of the health care campus.

In 2004, the Therapy Gym vision was turned into reality by adding 9,000 square feet to the premises. This development added new physical, occupational, and speech therapy treatment rooms, a specialized in-house pool for warm water aquatic therapy programs, hydro/tissue therapy room, outpatient therapy space and private treatment rooms. Along with this vision, a new chapel has been dedicated to the spiritual needs of the Residents. A new therapy reception lobby has been added for privacy and ease of access.

crestview-aboutImagine back in 1958, if Mary Catherine Cook, Founder, who provided care for 26 people, could know that her daughter soon would welcome the building of a home with the capabilities to take care of 100 people. Along with the help of her granddaughter's husband, she would double that care with an additional home. Now, the 4th and 5th generations of great grandchildren focus their mutual passion that delivers the quality of care and life of a health care campus that makes a positive difference in the lives of people every day for up to 180 people.

Milestones at Crestview

1958Crestview is established as a 26 bed Nursing Home by Mary Catherine Crook.

1960Mary Catherine's daughter, Helen L. Sheridan, took over owner/operator responsibilities.

1974Helen Sheridan's daughter and son-in-law, Joann and Winfield Eckert, join as owners/operators overseeing construction of a new 101 bed; Medicare/Medicaid approved facility (currently known as the Sheridan Wing.)

1977Crestview Home #2 is constructed adding another 101 skilled beds; (currently known as the Eckert Wing.)

1985Helen Sheridan retires. Helen's daughter and son-in-law, JoAnn and Winfield Eckert, become sole owners.

1990An addition was added to the administration office and the Eckert's children, Cindy Eckert-Rutherford, David Eckert and Cathy Eckert-Kuhnash oversee operations of the 202 bed campus.

2003Crestview is awarded Fairfield County Outstanding Business of the Year!

2004A 9,000 square foot addition is completed housing a new physical and occupational therapy gymnasium, aquatic therapy pool, hydro/tissue therapy room, private treatment rooms, a chapel, a conference meeting room and a new reception area.

2007Outpatient Therapy is provided offering clients a continuum of care once discharged from a short-term therapy stay.

2008Locally owned and operated, the Eckert family celebrates their 50 Year Anniversary!

2009Scores #1 in Fairfield County with the Resident Satisfaction Survey conducted by Ohio Department of Aging.

2010195 beds with a total of 9 private rooms, 8 newly remodeled Nurses' Stations, and New Information Centers in the Sheridan Wing and Eckert Wing with 'Living Waters' fountains.

2010Scores #1 in City of Lancaster with Resident Satisfaction Survey conducted by Ohio Department of Aging.

2012Ranked 6 on the list 'Nursing Centers' with Columbus Business First.

2013Private rooms added making a total of 26 private rooms.

2014Andy Kuhnash has joined the team as the Fifth Generation and working as onsite EMT and Process Improvement Director.

2016Crestview launches a brand new website that allows for users to easily find information, see schedules, and much more.

2018Locally owned and operated, the Eckert family celebrates their 60 year Anniversary!

2020Cassie Kuhnash has joined the team as the Fifth Generation and working as Business Relations Manager.

The Staff at Crestview

Katie Steffy Katie Steffy, L.S.W.
Resident Relations Director

Works with all departmental directors to ensure a smooth transition for all resident admissions. Ensures all required information is presented to the residents and family members before or upon admission. Has a professional relationship with case managers at various hospitals, home health agencies, assisted living facilities and independent living facilities to help with the transfer of residents to the facility. Works with nursing and billing departments to verify all needs of the residents will be met and accepted before and upon admission. Communicates with residents and families on what their requests are and try to meet those requests as much as possible in regard to room placement and any amenities that are requested. Reviews with the residents and families the facility's philosophy, policies and procedures on miscellaneous topics. Introduces residents and families to staff members and current residents to help become acquainted with the new environment. Organizes & participates in resident discharge planning. Contacts appropriate agencies, visits with the residents and performs services, needs and communication with family utilizing community resources. Acts as a liaison between residents, families and staff of the facility for any concerns. Is a member of the Progressive Development Meetings (PDM) that consist of social services, nursing and therapy. The PDMs assist residents and their families upon admission to gain knowledge of the residents' prior functioning level and targeting individual goals. This information gathering session helps set the direction needed to achieve a smooth transition to discharge.
Amber Vangundy Amber Vangundy
Director of Nursing

Ensures quality nursing care is delivered on a 24 hour basis to the residents in accordance with the state and federal laws and regulations. Supervises the nursing department, providing coaching and continued education. Helps to create a professional work environment that values nurses and treats residents with dignity and respect. Ensures resident and family issues and concerns are resolved in a timely manner. Reviews daily staffing for all nursing department shifts and works with staff to ensure residents' needs are being met. Works with all departmental directors and serves on several committees to help develop and implement policies and procedures. Meets with attending physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to assist their needs and recommendations are providing optimal care for residents.
Rebecca Allen Rebecca Allen, MSN, R.N.
Education Director

Responsible for recruiting and onboarding of personnel for all departments and shifts. Conducts orientation training for all new employees and ensures policies and procedures are explained, as well as state and federal regulations. Oversees the maintenance of personnel health files and ensures all staff have the required physicals needed to work within the health care environment. Is responsible for coordinating the teaching, instructing, and writing of educational materials necessary for proper practice and procedures, which are founded on evidenced based practice. Tracks and coordinates all professional licensure renewals and CPR certifications. Tracks all in-services to ensure required subjects are taught to all staff.
Elijah Williams Elijah Williams, BSN, R.N., LNHA, I.P.
Administrator / Grievance Officer

Works with the Board of Directors of the Company, including the Owners. Is familiar with organizational policies and departmental interrelations. Is a part of the Quality Assurance and Process Improvement team and is knowledgeable in data collection, data analysis methodology and performance improvement projects. Assists with ensuring staff follow state/federal/local regulations and life safety requirements. Maintains working relationship with community hospitals and other health facilities in the community and coordinates with their services through working and transfer agreements. Performs special duties relating to public relations, marketing and advertising.
Sandra Coiner Sandra Coiner, CDM
Dietary Manager

Plans, organizes, directs and controls the operations of the dietary department to provide food services as prescribed by professional standards. Supervises tray service and checks trays at mealtime for accuracy and attractiveness. Visits and assists residents on therapeutic diets routinely in making their food selections. Ensures the kitchens are properly operating and maintaining health and sanitation conditions per state and federal regulations. Attends several departmental director meetings to help with the continual quality improvement of the overall food service program. Works closely with the dietetic technician and registered dietitian to ensure all meals are meeting nutritional recommendations as ordered per the attending physicians.
Andrew Kuhnash, EMT, QCP, I.P, TMP Andrew Kuhnash, EMT, QCP, I.P, TMP
Process Improvement Director / 5th Generation in Family Ownership

Fifth-generation of the family owned/operated facility. Confers with all departmental directors and receives updates and directs action on concerns. Interacts with residents and all interdisciplinary staff on the quality and efficiency of services provided to residents. Ensures the admissions and discharges of Residents is seamless and without incident. Responsible for directing and performing quality assurance and process improvement studies to enhance all systems in place for the operations of the facility. Serves as a liaison within the community and participates with local health care providers on strengthening overall health care services available. Assist with ensuring staff follow state/federal/local regulations, OSHA regulations, HIPAA regulations and life safety/fire safety regulations.
Cassie Kuhnash Cassie Kuhnash
Business Relations Manager / 5th Generation in Family Ownership

Fifth-generation of the family owned/operated facility. Welcomes new Resident admissions and provides farewells to Resident discharges. Reviews family surveys and initiates actions to be taken to uphold Resident and family satisfaction. Stays abreast of current industry trends and explores opportunities for growth. Performs special duties relating to business relations, marketing and advertising. Being newly added to the Crestview team, Cassie is learning all the ins and outs of the business, including the annual survey process, all state and federal regulations, and various systems within each department.
Crestview Owners
Cindy / David / Cathy
Cindy Eckert-Rutherford
Program Director / Secretary / Treasurer

As Program Director / Secretary / Treasurer, Cindy is responsible for planning and implementing of programs to encourage socialization, entertainment, relaxation and improvement of daily living skills for Crestview's Residents. Cindy is also responsible for overseeing the overall operation of her department ensuring programs adhere to any relevant state or local requirements. Cindy Has 40+ years' experience and was formally an Elementary Education Teacher for the City Schools of Lancaster
David Eckert
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator / Vice President

As Administrator and Vice President, David is responsible for managing the daily operations of Crestview Rehab. Responsibilities also include a thorough knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations for long-term care facilities. David has more than 40 years' experience and was formerly Crestview's Licensed Social Services Director. David is known throughout the industry for his kindness and compassion.
Cathy Eckert-Kuhnash
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator / President

As Administrator and President, Cathy is responsible for managing the daily operations of Crestview Rehab. Responsibilities also include financial management and a thorough knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations for long-term care facilities. Cathy has a lifetime of experience in long-term care, having "grown up" in her family's business, Crestview Rehab. Cathy is known throughout the industry for her diligent, integrity-based approach to long term care and rehabilitative operations.