- Roberta Crawford

Everybody was so good to me and I am so happy I chose to come here!

- Janet Marker

Crestview is a friendly and welcoming home away from home! My needs were met in a very timely and professional manner. It seemed that every time I turned around they were bringing me more wonderful food. I would recommend Crestview for anyone who has had any surgery and is in need of therapy. The therapy team has a high standard of care giving and takes a personal interest in helping you develop goals and showing you ways to meet those goals! I would highly recommend Crestview because of the friendly and knowledgeable staff!

- Phyllis Cox

The staff was great and I couldn't ask for anyone better. I would come back if I had too!!!

- Ira Kline

The staff was better than wonderful!

- Brenda Swank

I'm very satisfied with my stay.

- Henry Walter

The staff was all very nice and helpful! The therapy team made therapy fun. Overall my stay was very good!

- Patricia Allen

I'd like to thank everyone at Crestview that made my stay enjoyable! I loved the food. The therapy was tramendous!

      - William Neely

The staff helped me adjust to being away from home. They were all friendly, positive and encouraging!

- Marci Crown

The staff was wonderful during my stay. The food was good. The therapy was excellent and helped me to return home!

- Mary Romans

The staff is very good. The nurses are really nice, patient and considerate. The therapy is wonderful!

- Mildred Moore

My stay was wonderful! Everyone treated me wonderful!

- Michael Rutherford

The staff are all great! The cook is great. The treatment team has been wonderful! The treatment team is the reason I get to go home!

- Audrey Miller

I had a good stay with very good care. Everybody was very good to me. They are quick to answer my call light. Therapy was wonderful and helpful.

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